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March 20, 2014

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Thank you Jason Parks at the Picton Gazette for putting together a piece on our family & Ukraine.  You can view it online here –

Tomorrow morning during the largest open market day, local Christians will gather in the center for public prayer.  Many cities in Ukraine are starting to do the same thing.  In some ways, it feels as though there is a spiritual revolution taking place alongside the political one.  Our town is very traditional Orthodox, and our particular Orthodox Church aligns with the Russian branch.

Here’s a quick video of the hymns being practiced tonight.

Today we finalized Deb and the kids ‘registration’ in our house.  We’re finally finished!  Our entire family is permanent residents of Ukraine.  While in Khargalyk we also visited the Fire Inspector.   Tensions are quite high there with ‘rumors of war’, and he informed us they actually have an underground shelter on premises that goes down quite deep.  I asked if I could see it, he said, ‘yes, but not now.’

I have also connected with the City of Kilgore offices and intend to try and do a Mayor Skype between the sister cities.  It’s been over a year since our last one.

I’m continuing to plan to fly to Rostov, Russia April 12-18th to teach at a Bible School there.  We were originally planning to drive, however uncertain how safe that will be as the school is located just north of Sochi, and very close to the Crimea activity.   Pray with us that we’ll get visas, the invitations have yet to be authorized on the Russian side.

Thanks for checking in, we’re always encouraged by random emails and hello’s from our friends and family.  We’re all doing great.


Bruce & Deb

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  1. Sandy Rhodes

    Hey Bruce and Debs, my thoughts and prayers go out to you each day. Travel safe and in the arms of Jesus.
    Love to you all.

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