March 10, 2010

Deb and I at the market this morning, for those of your enjoying spring weather ahead of us!

Men’s outreach last night, was a fun time in our basement.  It’s been a combination of Christian men from a few different churches, and a few Ukrainian friends from the area.  Only three of us were foreigners, which makes for a refreshing scene, mixing in with the Ukrainian culture and language.  Dan usually leads these times and the group really appreciate his zest for life and humor, I’m the designated slave / side kick.  Pray for these meetings, that the guys would embrace the short ‘messages’ each time, and more importantly, embrace Christ.


Can you guess what this is hanging in our furnace room?  Neil bought a hunk of meat yesterday, and has cured it, hanging it to dry.  His African roots coming out already, it’s beef jerky, or what they call “biltong”.

Our basement smells like dirty wet socks, soaked in vinegar, but I’m told it will taste great when complete:)

On March 24th a group of Ukrainian delegates (Mayors, officials) will be in East Texas.  Through some neat contacts, they will be stopping into our office in Kilgore for lunch.  I’m scheduled to skype video conference with them and share about our involvement here in Ukraine.  It’s a cool opportunity to build some more relationships using the Sister City model, and potentially work (future) in other towns.  One of the Mayors is my age, and been Mayor for 10yrs already.. from a town just 3-4hrs south of RZ.  They are in Texas learning about economic development and city government models.

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