I’m reminded of the ongoing sending heart of our triune God. We each, in different ways, moments, and chapters in this brief life are privileged to come alongside the Spirit. We may cross oceans, but the greater sacrifice may be to put down roots and bear kingdom fruit right where we are. To be available, to surrender into Jesus love that we may embody His love in this very confused world.

I read a good question recently: What does it look like for the loving reign of Jesus to come in my neighborhood? This question takes mission out of the realm of theory, and into our relatedness to others. To be, not to do, is our first task. To throw up the sails of willingness, of grow in a posture of listening.

Those that are intentional with listening, I believe, are blown into the lives of the hurting, and inquiring into the lives of the lost with the patient posture of mercy. The world doesn’t need information, it needs incarnation, a people living into and embodying Jesus life.

We are His extended hands and His feet to our generation. There’s nothing new under the sun. Let’s keep it simple. Love!

Thank you everyone that donated in 2020 to our new mission building at Lighthouse in Ukraine! A special thanks to World Challenge for providing a very generous grant that helped us finish our goal!

As soon as the weather permits, we plan to continue with the walls, and roof. Then, as God provides both resources and hopefully small construction teams (hint!) we can finish out the interior.

Fist pump.

90 Day Pilot Launched!

And behold, I saw a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands.

Just imagine that day. Now picture a moment in your week, here on earth, when you get to taste just a little of this future reality around Jesus. Young and old, from completely different cultural backgrounds, gathering to be encouraged as we interact with one another for an hour.

“A passive group of listeners is not an active group of learners.”

The 60 minutes will consist of a greeting and instructions for our breakout rooms. We will provide intentional open questions for your small group to process, which will build weekly through the 10 weeks.


I’m really excited to introduce some missional friends from different parts of the globe in our Guest Story section. Our first guest will be Jim Mills, missionary for over 30 years in Belgium and founder of Creative Arts Europe. The following week, our friend Ken Steorts co-founder of the rock band Skillet, and president of Visible Music College in Memphis. You can check out our line up of guests by clicking here!

At the 45 minute mark, we’ll officially finish. For those hungry for a deeper reflective time, Deb Crowe will guide a 15 minute exercise you are welcome to explore!

For time zones, and the Zoom link for each Sunday, please visit and bookmark our new page – Missions Network!

Please pray for us as we host this, and for all the moving parts. We enjoy pioneering new things but this definitely feels as though it has some spiritual resistance. Our enemy wishes to keep us insulated, divided, and knows there is great power in unity under Christ!

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Bruce & Deb