I’ve been reading Luke 6 this week.

Love, what is it, really? How do we know we love God? How do we know love?

The crowds pressed in to touch Jesus, and power came out of him and healed all of them (6:19). We have all been touched by his power, healed of our selfish pride, our sin and shame. How quickly we forget the mercy poured into our lives. Who are the blessed, the poor, hungry, weeping, excluded (6:21-22).

When we stop pressing into Jesus mercy, we become rich, filled and proud. How can we know we love God? How can we know love? “But I say to you that listen, Love your enemies” (6:27). Religion looks good, it’s outward appearance is easy to copy, easy to find affirmation in it’s self-hubris. To lay down our lives, and follow the Savior, however, not so easy to mimic. To follow Jesus means we are dead to the self-life, our joy is found not in self gratification but the love’s divesting way.

Jesus command to obey is an invitation to embody, incarnate love, to become mercy, to become love. How can we do this, even to our enemies? We look to our Savior, “for he is kind to the ungrateful, and the wicked. Be merciful just as your Father is merciful” (6:36).

May the mercy of the Father fill each of our hearts today, may we become a people of mercy, sharing in His love – this is how we know we love God.