We’ve just finished our first night in St. Petersburg after a full day of setup and rehearsals.  Unlike Minsk, there was plenty of room in our large concert hall, but we still had around 150-200 come out for worship.  Those that came out, and especially those that stayed towards the end, were really digging in and I believe receiving from the Lord – it was really encouraging to see.

We’re anticipating and hopeful that more will come out tomorrow night as we’d love to really lift up the name of Christ in numbers – the city is bustling with life and activity, it’s discouraging to think of how many broken, hurting, and even hungry hearts are walking right past this conduit of blessing.  Pray for our team and tomorrow night!

To watch the full replay of tonight, including Collins, Charisah and Bronwyn opening, a local band, then XDH Minsk at the end, click here!

Thank you all that have been, and did pray with us tonight!  Time for sleep.

Bruce & Deb