+750 gathered November 17, 2018 at the State Philharmonic – our 2nd Lit Worship in Minsk!
100’s of youth from around Minsk in one public place is a rare event for believers, they look forward to this all year! 
Such energy in and around the building on the night of Lit. 
Some powerful declaration that Christ is King over Belarus, led by some incredible young talent from Belarus, Ukraine and US. 
On two occasions the event was close to being cancelled.  Even during the actual worship and prayer managers came close to pulling the plug as it’s officially illegal to do in public without specific permission. God protected and allowed this night to take place! 
Mir sponsored the event, and we thank all who prayed for us! The team in Belarus did a great job organizing and creating space for the Holy Spirit. It was like fresh oxygen in the hearts of the next generation.