Click this image and it will take you there - click 'follow' to follow along.

Click this image and it will take you there – click ‘follow’ to follow along.

Any day now we should receive the $7,500 funds from Kickstarter!  A big thank you to the 22 supporters who jumped on board and got behind this fundraising effort.

Together we are going to make something special for our town and Lighthouse Cafe will include the Lighthouse Park!

Our goal is to open the Skatepark and Kids Playground area on Sept 1 – we have a lot of work to do.  We met the other day with our potential building team.  I say potential because I’m giving them a week to really think and consider the commitment to help.  There are vendors we can hire to assemble cookie cutter equipment, but it would be more meaningful I think to do together as citizens of our community – put our own sweat and creativity into the park, more buy-in – plus we could stretch the funding further with a larger area of play.

We also met with our Widows Ministry team on Sunday.  One widow hand knit a Ukrainian style design on cloth for me as an act of gratitude.  The widows mite.   We’re continuing to serve 35 at the moment with visitation and food packages.  We have decided to host a lunch in July for the Widows we are serving – allowing us an opportunity to bless with the message of Jesus and get to know them all more.   It will be the 3rd week of July, pray for it with us!

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to serve with Hope for Orphans, our friend Zhenya (tractors at my house) has a team of 6-7 that travel around doing kids camps across Ukraine.  This was just a day camp for a really neat group of kids across the river from us in a town called Rogoziv.  The school there has a Christian young woman (Alyona) who teaches Christian ethics.   She really loves the kids and is being used by the Lord in a significant way.  It was neat to meet her and see what God is doing in our area.

Some photos from the day!



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