Brent and Max working on gravel driveway.. they are asking for a tractor and I’m like, “look at your arms!”

The snow has melted and we’re needing some partners to help us finish a few things.  First, we want to take a moment to thank those who helped us get through the costly winter months.  Our community, students and staff thank everyone that supported us this winter!

God did some really cool things in the hearts of our students.  Warmth was a huge key in keeping the Father’s heart kindling in theirs!

Now that mostly everything inside is functional and ministering along nicely, we turn our attention to the exterior and ministry opportunities there.

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If you recall, last fall we started and almost finished the Skate/Kids park.   Beyond the Kickstarter project, we still have a few things that prevent the park from fully opening and being enjoyed by our town.


  • Ouch, I know this is a lot.  We currently have mud in the kids zone, spring is perfect time to lay it down I’m told.  A guy from Kiev grass company came down today to provide us the estimate.  Our other option is to plant and wait, but nobody here really knows how to do it well (I don’t), grass is not typically what folks grow, can’t really eat grass.  Parents will not keep their kids from entering the muddy park area, and it will make its way into the Cafe.   On the flip side, a nicely groomed area like this downtown will stand out as an oasis for parents.  It would be amazing to finish off the park with a beautiful grassy area for kids to run around.

Skateboards: $40 each

  • We have 2 skateboards. We made this need known last fall, but nobody gave.  Our students share the two, and they aren’t going to last much longer.  We need at least 5 new boards to attract, and keep the students on site for longer periods.  They will come if we have boards.

Ramps/Rails: $500

  • We have an amazing half-pipe, thanks to Shane Paxa and his crew.  I’m told skaters enjoy also endangering their lives on other metal things as well.  We have the space, just need some materials.

Exterior Cafe & Signage: $2,000

  • This is a long shot perhaps, but we’d love to cover our ugly brick exterior to match more of the beautiful interior.  This will also insulate our Cafe for next winter more.  We have had a cheap banner as our primary sign for 2yrs, it’s time we purchased something more permanent.

Sidewalk: $1,000

  • In our town, which has no money, the businesses are morally responsible for sidewalk area outside their zone.  Ours is trecherous, and not even possible for mom’s with strollers to go past.  Once they get to our entrance, it’s nice, but the property line is embarrassing.  Additionally, we need a sidewalk inside our property that leads to our Skatepark.  We have all the stones, just need to pay for labor to lay/cement them.

Insurance: $1,500

  • We really need this for the entire property, but mostly the park.  It’s sort of last on our list.  Insurance in general is still a relatively new concept here, but it does work if you get the right kind.  We’ve posted rules and warnings, but every bit of my American/Canadian-ness warns me against moving ahead without the most basic liability protection.  We are a visible target.

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Our family thanks you for considering to partner on any of these projects, at any level.   We’ll update our blog as any one of these items is provided for.

*all giving is tax-deductible.


Bruce & Deb