•  to rest
  • to surrender
  • to receive
  • to trust

We just returned from a week, a full week of uninterrupted time with Deb and Jesus. We went to sunny Egypt. Found direct flight from Kiev, on our first charter flight for $300. It took three days to truly remember how to detach and enter true rest of body and soul. 

Physical rest is the easy part. Spiritual rest is a bit more tricky. For that, we need a vision of Christ as sabbath, of death to striving, and life in Him. I’m thankful for the refreshing nature of God, He makes old things new, and restores our soul.

Upon returning, I’ve got a clearer pathway for Lighthouse moving into the winter. Specifically, of creating space for our staff together under more intentional discipleship. I’ve made some staffing changes, and God has brought some new hearts as well. Nobody likes change, we like our rhythms and routines. That noise you hear is some of our staff groaning as we strip away the comforts that keep us from growing, and the light of Christ starting to shine on hearts that need it. We all need to be uncomfortable, it’s the place of growth particularly in relationships.  It’s the leaders role, I’m learning, to allow others to be uncomfortable when necessary as it relates to their growth, but still intentionally communicating love, and acceptance not based on perfection, but willingness to continue in the light of God’s pruning rays.

I’m trying to finish my final paper for the year at Fuller. Still plenty of semesters ahead on this journey on my MA, but really looking forward to this Christmas break – to set down books, to receive back Brownyn and Broderic from America and be present. 

Rattling around in my heart is a needed trip to Slavyansk, Ukraine. It’s closer to Donetsk, and a region that was devistated by the war initially with Russia, and continues to struggle to get back on it’s feet. We have partners in this area for worship, widows ministry and now a potential Cafe platform. The timing, and unrelated connections that have come together point to God’s sovereign design. I’m unsure of our families role specifically right now beyond walking by faith, and being available for the Kingdom’s influence in this region. Please pray with us about that!  It’s quite far away, and an overnight train, much closer to the problem areas, compared to our comfortable region near Kiev.

We have teams planning some widows expansion trips to partners in both Ukraine and Belarus. With this Russia issue currently in the Azov sea, it makes working there a bit more tricky.  I haven’t blogged in several weeks and I’m realizing as I type just how poor of a job I’ve done documenting what God is doing in and around us in this season. I feel less of a need to detail things, or even promote – We have legit needs, but God knows them, and He knows my limitations.  I’m focusing more on people, hearts, community and team development – and also 2019 prayer, direction with our Mir crew of about 15-20 right now. As we go deeper in community and personal formation in Christ, may God’s mission naturally extend through us, and whatever resources we need may the King provide – He has plenty! I’m thankful some more people are helping us communicate and in a week or so we do plan an end of the year promotion to help communicate our needs, and thankful we have a matching pledge coming!

Kids are sweet, healthy. It’s dark and snowy, fire is on, warm house. Thanks for checking in.

Bruce & Deb