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Last night we started back up our evenings of worship for the week.  The 2nd floor was full with about 40 believers from our town, Kiev and Khargalyk.  Collins did a wonderful job creating a relaxed atmosphere – it’s one thing I really appreciate about these times of worship – nothing is rushed, our only expectation is to lift up worship to our King.

For about 20 minutes everyone took pen in hand and wrote a letter to God.  It fit the moment, a form of prayer – and practice that helps us assimilate our desires and burdens.  After this we ended up having a really joyous final few songs – it’s cool when the people of God lift up a heavenly roar, unrehearsed, unplanned, just expression of praise.

I know some of you are following online, and hope that you have been blessed by what God is doing here, and something translates through the low quality camera 🙂

This is our final week of workshops, we’re busy planning now a final event where we can bless the students and continue to connect with more through creative arts and friendship.  We’re also going to try to rehearse a bit in the bigger cultural building downtown, and praying about a final 1 or 2 evenings of worship in the center of town, as this building holds over 200 and would be really amazing to have all that have attended at some point, gather and worship in this venue.

We’ll be posting more on the facebook group page – It’s been cool to correspond with various believers this way, in and out of our region.

Weather is amazing, but still not warm enough for folks to hang out at beach – I think that will be another venue we could play and do some outreach before the group leaves.  We’re pretty booked up between now and June 12 (when they leave), between Kiev outreaches, and other towns on the weekends.  I do want to see the team transition to some concerts as well through the Cafe.

Please continue to pray God will awaken the church, and those seeking after truth to find freedom and peace through Christ.  I know my own heart has been awakened to His presence, and it is good!

Bruce & Deb