Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.51.15 PMLast week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Denys, a staff writer for The Kyiv Post.  They were interested in writing an article on our “gas saga”.  The paper has been a leading source, particularly to the International community on the countries battle for independence and covers everything related Ukraine’s political and economic woes (Western leaning views).

Reading this particular paper/website is part of my morning routine.  It was surreal to see Deb and I on the home page.  A few years ago it would be unwise to confront or finger point towards the inept bureaucracy or confirm the widely accepted corruption.  In some ways it still is.  However the atmosphere is slowly changing.  Folks are standing up, and I felt the time was right.

Our story is one of thousands.  Our hope is that transparency, and with that accountability will grow particularly in the area of small business and economic development.  We have many friends in Ukraine who are extremely talented, they have dreams and ambitions that should be harnessed and aided.   Without healthy change, those friends won’t ever take the needed risks to start a business, nobody wins.

I believe the Kindgom of God is something that we can, as followers of Jesus Christ, bring into this world around us.  Where corruption is, the gospel brings light to reveal it.  Where wickedness dwells, the gospel shows the path of righteousness.  The gospel can and should change cultures where elements of those cultures are evil, dishonest, selfish.   Every nation needs the gospel, because every nation is simply humanity.   Physical reformation of governments doesn’t change the heart of man, but where God’s people ARE, we should do our part to confront injustice, and those things that hurt our fellow man.

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