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Kilgore Paper – Hey Look We’re on the Front Page!

Broderic, my 11yr old son glanced at the Kilgore News-Herald article from this past Sunday (online of course), and commented, “I like when we get to be famous.”  I laughed, for all hew knows we are wanted by the FBI.  We do find it strange to have our pictures in the paper, it’s exciting to think some other folks can share in the adventure, we welcome you along!  I’d like to thank Kathryn Martinez for her time and effort to put up with the Skype quality phone call last week. She wrote a lovely and somewhat amusing article on our families first phase here in Ukraine.

crowe-news-article.pdf (click this link to read)

Not sure if they permit me posting it on my site, but what are they going to do, I’m in Ukraine.?! I’m happy to report also that they plan to do a periodical update, possibly monthly on our family and the sister city program that should be underway next month with our new hometown Rzschichiv.


Alot has happened in the past week, I’ll have to spread it out in a few posts.  Deb has been sick with a fever for a few days, poor thing, Cassie when are you coming!!!  I’m reminded this week that our time is so short, our opportunity to make a difference only for a moment.  We can’t afford to delay.  We often delay in planning, or waiting for something that we think will help make a life of faith easier. It will never be easy, faith is designed to crucify our self reliance.  I hope this post finds you growing in faith and your joyful Christian duty to the world around you.

dsc00383.JPG  dsc00385.JPG

At the Kiev Zoo (pics to come, very interesting experience) the kids and I watched in amazement here as a man skillfully formed a ball of clay into a precious jar on a potter’s wheel.  I was reminded of our God, the master Potter, who will complete the work started in us, if we let Him.  He then took a little girls hand and gently guided it around the clay.  I thought of how many times I think I’m doing something for the Lord, or think I am wise.  We are co-laborers at best, the Lord is the chief architect of a man’s heart, what a privilege it is when He takes our little lives and decides to use us in some way.  I felt like that little girl this weekend (only time i’ve felt like a little girl), watching her in amazement at ‘what she had done’.  How little I understand in each situation, but what a great God we serve who is all knowing and wise!  Like the Potter I watched, I’m convinced God feels pleasure when we surrender, not only allowing him to mold us, but to use our frail and finite hand for eternal causes.  Do you believe God desires to use you?

“For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” Phil 2:13

We miss you all and appreciate the comments, keep them coming.

“..namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation.” 2 Cor 5:19



  1. Dana

    wow! i didn’t know you were members and missionaries from another church! 🙂

  2. Bruce

    Someone at Cross’point’ must be wondering how we slipped under their radar!

  3. papa

    Hi Bruce,
    Great news story.I wonder how many read that paper and are touched by it.I have e mailed it to all my friends too.
    Miss you guys alot.Wheat harvest is a few days away here in Canada,Has it started there?

  4. mom

    great article bruce, it took me a minute to find the 6th child below! i was just studying and read the scripture about the potter, after the instrument is made by Him it has no ability to do what it wants unless it remains in His hands, i’m sure the Lord is building character threw all this for the purpose He has for you over there, so hang in there, your in my prayers, hope deb recovers quickly!

  5. Kelly

    Thanks for sharing the article for those of us who can’t read it ourselves. Go Crosspoint!!

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