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Keeping Warm

Thank you for those that have prayed for our heating situation.  For the past week Ukraine has been blasted with sub freezing temperatures.  The second floor in our house (where we all sleep) has a problem still in the piping/radiators we haven’t been able to find.  Then, this morning without warning, our entire house shut down.  The gas boiler refused to light, and we’ve been scrambling all day to keep the house above freezing temperatures with electric heaters in order to keep our pipes from freezing (which would really be a problem).  This afternoon, our electricity shut off on the main and top floor, leaving only the basement with electric heat.  To make matters a little more difficult, I, along with the younger kids have been sporting colds, and we got about a foot of snow today, it’s a winter wonderland out there… trying to keep it ‘out there’ too!

The furnace guy was kind enough to come out tonight, and after an hour of troubleshooting, the radiators on the main floor are working again.  This is a huge relief, and will hopefully make for a warm night.  We’re all sleeping in the basement, which the kids think is a treat! 

Pray we can find the solution to our top floor heating, it would be great to get back into our bedrooms and bring some order back to the day. 

Tonight Deb, with the ladies of the church have organized a ‘cafe outreach’ up at the Gollans.  They’ve transformed the ministry floor into a Christmas wonderland, provided shuttle service to unbelievers/guests, and I’m told there is a good showing.  Pray for the seeds sown tonight to take root, there are some relatives and grandmothers of some of the younger Christian girls that come to church, it’s a special opportunity and they’ve all worked hard, and much prayer has gone into it.

Thanks for checking in, stay warm!



  1. Conor & Koren McNamee

    Hello Bruce and Deb! We will pray right now for your heating and electric problems. We have been there! We’ll pray for the outreach too, that women will continue to come and be saved! Praying for you guys, Conor and Koren

  2. nana

    Hi Bruce,
    Not sure we want to fly over there ,with that report.
    Last year ,it was the worry of the gas being shut off,from Russia.
    Love Dad

  3. Jon

    Perhaps you and the family all need to get a Snuggie to stay warm.

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