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Justice for Vlad – Goes on Ukrainian TV

Preparing for the short interview

Today a news team from ICTV in Kiev, through a friend contact of Vlad’s, came to our town to interview the family and supporters. They produce a show on the various criminal activities in Ukraine and hope to shed some light on Vlad’s case.

Vica, Vlad’s wife, and Vlad’s parents were interviewed. As well, a couple of us from RZ were able to provide a character reference for Vlad. You can see below many of Vlad’s friends, co-workers gathered at Dan’s where some of the footage was taken.

Please pray that the show produces positive results. It will air sometime in the next two weeks, we hope to try and get a copy, maybe even get it online for you all to share around too.

Today Tom was able to take another purchase of supplies for Vlad. Thank you again for your support, I know Vlad and his entire family are very thankful for it.  The number of cases similar to Vlad’s in Ukraine is astounding.  Vlad has told us stories of some terrible situations where perfectly innocent people have been unjustly sentenced.   We’ve heard that the prisons are now preparing to ‘take in’ many more in a sort of cleansing in preparation for the EURO CUP tournament this summer.  Evidently Ukraine wants to clean up the street of its beggars and drunkards, as well any ‘riff raff’ that might otherwise spoil the international attention.  This is the kind of morality vacuum that exists here, this country needs God!

Bruce & Deb


  1. Kevin Shelley

    Hi Bruce & Deb,
    I appreciate all of your blog updates, I think I’ve read nearly all of them. Good to hear things are warming up and that Vlad’s case might get some attention, prayerfully for the good. Richard Fritz and I are driving back from Kings Kids outreach which was very good. Got to know a few full time missionaries. Quite enlightening.

  2. dorothy crowe

    how did the interview go, any positive outcome? please keep us posted…

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