FullSizeRenderNoah turned 9yrs old this week.  It was 5yrs ago that he fell out of the van onto the highway, fracturing his skull and instantaneously turning our world upside down for the next 3 weeks.

We remember it each birthday and give thanks for his life.

He’s bears the brunt of the older sibling pecking order, takes it in stride, and has a very soft heart.  He loves to play the piano, rocks on the cajon, and has really good pitch vocally – he’ll be the only male in our family that can sing decently.  He lives in other worlds, playing for hours with miniature action figures and tireless expressions and sound effects.

We call him Neil, after his Grandpa – he thrives around crowds of people and action, usually becoming something of a clown and/or central figure.

FullSizeRender-1Abigail has completed her first year of Kindergarten.  She has mixed reviews 🙂  The structure has been good for her, and the language learning starting to take.  We never thought we’d send our baby girl to school so early, but she is a people person and it was that, or buy her a muzzle – she talks the hind leg of a donkey.

Our kids just got back from the Kelly’s camp north of Kiev at Pinebranch.   For the past 4yrs, the Kelly’s have been serving refugees from the War to the East – as well as focusing on fostering/high risk children.

They are now starting to host again the Ex-pat camp that our kids have loved in seasons past.  The camp has been a great place to connect with other ministries and families as well – one of the coolest ways our family has expanded friendships in Ukraine has been through our kids – who would have thought?

This advert for summer camp has Bronwyn in it from several years ago.. can you spot her!?  If you are from Ukraine and want to send your teen child, it's next week and still room!

This advert for summer camp has Bronwyn in it from several years ago.. can you spot her!? If you are from Ukraine and want to send your teen child, it’s next week and still room!

I’ve been battling a ruthless chest-cold since returning last week from Minsk.  A few days without a voice is always an interesting time.. phone rings and I can’t answer it.. or if I do, the poor person thinks Chewbacca answered.

One of the most frustrating things about being sick, which we all can attest to – is having plans or hopes for the day(s) and seeing them just fall flat.  It’s not the end of the world, but I get pretty discouraged when days pile upon themselves without any progress.. I know you are supposed to just rest and recover, but does anyone else go stir crazy after a few hours of laying and doing nothing?


IMG_0437We just bought some chicks.  We eat so many eggs and have the yard / building for it – so I figured we’d give it a go.  I’m betting they last 3 weeks… so many critters roaming about for a good snack.. and we’re not known for being the most responsible farming family in the neighborhood.  Alas, we will try, it’s day 3 and they are all accounted for.   Something tells me a few blogs from now, there will be an obituary.. but let’s stay optimistic for now!

Have some neat meetings this week with some Ukrainian brothers.  God is working in many lives, it’s a joy to listen and encourage a life of faith.   Kolya is opening up this week his new Hair Salon and soon to be Used Clothes store.  Inside this combo store/salon we will have a small Lighthouse Cafe area, selling coffee, snacks and official ‘pizza delivery’ location right by the largest technical college which is a good 15 minute walk from our main Cafe.   The thief stole our coffee machine money which has set us back from opening it just yet.   Pray for this, it’s a potentially cool ministry angle and place of employment for some students this summer – and for Kolya, he’s really put his heart into this, his first business venture.

Hoping to host a worship evening soon, and also plan to provide a Widows Ministry update next week after we meet, share stories and pray.

Thanks for checking in –

Bruce & Deb