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June 4, 2010

Today we signed a contract and gave a deposit toward the new property downtown.   In approximately 30 days the official documents should be completed allowing us to fully purchase and own the property.   In the meantime we will begin some initial architectural drawings and more importantly figure out how we will best handle the very wet and sunken ground.  The entire property is too low and collects a lot of run off.  It must be elevated before we can build on it.  I think this fall we will concentrate on deconstruction of the existing building, cleaning up the property and preparing for 2011 main construction.  That will be the plan unless God provides the money to move more quickly this fall before winter sets in.


Here we go, one step at a time:)

Bruce & Deb


  1. Dave

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. Hey, would it be possible to make a map (or use a satellite view) of RZ and show on it places you guys interact with? Your home, this new property, the mayors’ office, etc. It’d be neat to be able to visualize where you guys go from day to day.

  2. jono

    be careful with deconstruction without first building something
    i heard of a church who had the land taken back off them because they did that because you don’t own the land only the building and if you demolish the building . . .
    well you get the picture

  3. Bruce

    when the documents are completed the land and the building will be in my name, I wouldn’t build anything without the land here.. I hear you.

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