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June 30, 2011

Made good progress on the cafe this week as we enclose walls with sheet rock and start to purchase equipment. Yesterday we bought the toilets, it was an exciting day! Praising God for the donations toward this final stretch, on Monday we will be visiting some kitchen equipment places that sell industrial grade stainless steel, pizza ovens and shelving. Pray we find some good deals!

This week also went to Kiev to continue the long process of applying for Ukrainian residence. Had to go to the hospital to get blood work done, to prove I don’t have AIDS, then chest x-ray to show I don’t have TB. The funniest part of the day was the Psychological interview to prove I’m not an alcoholic. The lady asked me soberly (no pun intended) how much I drink. I told her I don’t drink at all actually. She was taken back and asked again, “No, I mean how much do you drink, like 1, 2 drinks per day on average?” Again, I smiled and told her I don’t drink. You could tell her whole interview format was altered. She fumbled her papers and asked nervously, “Well, then how do you deal with stress?” I told her I prayed. She thought that was even stranger! “Does it help?” she asked. In Russian I emphatically replied, “Kenyeshna!” (of course!). The rest of the interview consisted of a written exam, where I answered such questions as, “When you are in a long line that isn’t moving, do you get very frustrated?”.. I had to laugh out loud at some of the questions, they were exactly the things that used to drive me CRAZY about this place, I just never thought of turning to drink in those times.. maybe it would have helped.. maybe that’s why Ukrainians do.

Praising God as well that Broderic was able to get his eye looked at. It had a small spec lodged in it, a tiny black rock from riding on a scooter without a visor. The doctors scolded me for waiting so long to bring him in… I told them we live in a small town and don’t trust the doctors, especially not with anyone’s eye! They quickly removed it and it’s doing fine.

Very thrilled I don’t have to go back to Texas to renew my DL. I was going to half to because I had already renewed online last time, but they allowed me to submit a ‘living abroad’ document and thanks to the wonders of FedEx, it’s being processed now.

Most of the church will be heading to Camp 120 in a few days. Everyone is praying the daily thunderstorms hold up for their week on the island. Today was the first day in weeks it hasn’t been overcast with showers. The gardens are looking great, but I think if it keeps raining the crops could be damaged.

Had our second bible study on the book of John last night. 20 believers came, even one of the ladies from the outreaches which has been very encouraging for everyone (especially the ladies that work so hard hosting them). Her name is Ala. She is 42, with a 20yr old daughter. She has warmed right up to everyone, has attended Sunday mornings for the past 2 weeks and seems to be very sincere in her quest for fellowship and Christ. Pray for our Wednesday nights, that God would build our faith increasingly as we study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, it is truly amazing that he came down, wrapped Himself in flesh and dwelt among us, what a God we serve!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. dorothy crowe

    Good to be updated ,Bruce.
    How is Dan doing?Gladthe paper workthing is working out.
    Miss you all,
    Love Dad

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