Quick note to ask you to pray this week.  We have our friends at Light in the East (Kiev, Andrei Murzin church contacts) ministering all week in the town center.  They have a tent where they are doing morning kids ministry (about 50-75 coming, I’m helping to bus them in), and evening services where people are sharing testimonies.  They also have this painting gallery outside on the main street that takes people through the gospel message.  It’s a very creative and effective method to sharing the historical narrative in a non-confrontational way.  They are telling us that they’ve already had over 15 people pray at the end of it for salvation.  We are organizing ourselves now to always have local believers there for better follow up.  This morning Dan said while he was there, one of the husbands of the medical director for our town went through the exhibit.  The man remembered Dan from the Christmas dinner we hosted together last year.  He asked to pray and receive forgiveness for his sins right there on the spot.

Please pray that there would be fruit this week, ultimately souls saved from their sin and given new life in Christ!

Been thinking this week how wonderful to know that God uses many people in the process of salvation.  Ultimately, it is He that causes the heart to respond to truth.  Thank you God for your pursuit!

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth.” – 1 Cor 3:6