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June 1, 2010

Tomorrow we are planning to meet with the agent and sign documents which will initiate the purchase of the land downtown.  Because it is public property, we have to ‘apply’ for it, however the city council has already voted (unofficially) to approve our purchase of it, along with the price.  If you read this before tomorrow, pray for us.   The entire process we are told will take 1-2 months before the documents are finally in our name.  We will then be able to make some progress before winter starts, clearing land, preparing foundation and getting approval from architects.  I am going to start organizing construction groups for next summer, probably 4-6 teams over the May-August period.  Pray about joining one of them if you are handy “Tim the tool man Taylor” type, we need you!

I believe God is in the means, and the process of Christians working together, from all over the world, for the purpose of God’s Kingdom in this town will speak volumes to the locals.  I think the building of the facility will be as effective of an outreach ministry and community engagement as anything.  May God be glorified and direct us as His people.. not too fast… it’s not ours yet!


Picture of Clark holding one of Dumpy’s kittens… that’s right, the kitty that he rescued from the dump already had kittens!  Bad Dumpy!  Jon & Ruth get to find homes for the now, want one?  Thanks Ruth for the picture, when Clark saw it he declared, “is that me?  I love me!”

Several things happening this week including a week long evangelism outreach downtown in a tent by our friends from Light in the East (Kiev).  Simeon & Asia are back from Scotland with their little bundle named Amelia (spelling?), they are house hunting and excited to see where God will put their family (they are the ones that want to start foster parenting orphans).

We are coming to Canada/US in October!  We were able to find direct tickets from Kiev to Toronto for  an incredible price, and decided that it would be a great time for a break, visit family, churches and our dear friends we miss.  The kids are beside themselves and already counting (161, 160).

Next week the pastors from the Cork, Ireland church are coming for a quick visit.  We’re very encouraged to hear that the group gave a neat report to the church about what God is doing in our town, and they are interested in coming back next summer, and partnering with us more long term as we serve together in Ukraine.  He works all things together folks, He is a gracious God!

Talk to you soon-

Bruce & Deb


  1. TED

    I am handy Like Tim, in the sense of hitting people with a 4×8 or electricuting someone, so do I qualify?

  2. Justin

    So all the kids get to come this year? I am interested in helping next summer – maybe we can work something out. Looking forward to October now, hopefully we won’t be at any tradeshows!

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