This Monday we took advantage of the office (in Texas) being closed, and shut off a bit of the world… we took the family to a nearby village and had a picnic.  We setup a little campfire and went swimming in the Dnepr.  Here are some pictures from our day.  It was as close to being in America celebrating the 4th of July as we could get, we even had hot dogs (still fairly new here).


[tucker and clark eating a wafer]


[nice time, despite Clark’s face]


[Noah double tasking, cookie and hot dog]

This week Yuri (from Ireland via Latvia) is driving to Ukraine to visit us.  It will be interesting to hear how it plays out at the border.  I’ve been wanting to drive ‘out’ of Ukraine and visit some of the neighboring countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Romania).  They sound so ‘remote’ but they are just a day away.. like driving from Texas to Florida.   Anyway, will be nice to see Yuri again, he’s a few yrs younger than I am, their church in Latvia would like to consider getting involved in this part of Ukraine with us in some way.

Better go, bless you all!

Bruce & Deb