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July 5, 2011

Tom & Alyosha at dreaded Epicenter, little did they know they would be there another 3hrs waiting on a delivery truck!

Yesterday, instead of grilling some burgers, I headed off to Kiev with Alyosha and Tom. We had a mission, to buy as many materials for the Cafe before 5pm (so we could get back for some burgers!). Overly optimistic I didn’t get home until 7pm and the other guys 10pm! Epicenter, that’s all I have to say. For those that have lived here, I need not say more.

On a positive note however, we found a great little company that specializes in industrial kitchen equipment.. I wasn’t sure where or how, but was determined to find stainless steel equipment that will last and look ‘official.’ We submitted our floor-plan and itemized wish-list.. and now waiting for their response and cost. We know from pricing out individual items with them, we’ll have enough for most of the kitchen, which includes the pizza oven, counter tops/drawers that slide, refrigerated thing you keep peperoni and other items on the counter for quick access.. and a nice big sink.

We also picked up the main floor tile, bathroom tile, sinks, and wood for the stairs. All of this in preparation for the BrickThink group from Times Square Church that is coming over July 19 for 10 days. Together with our little construction team, we’re excited to see some more progress this month!

You can pray for a number of logistical needs:
– legal changing of house from residence to business (documents)
– gas and electric changing from residence to business (documents)
– POS – point of sale system, I’m not sure what kind to get, or what Kiev has but we need a way to take orders, take money and track sales… at least I think we need one!
– employees, we’re going to need to hire a couple people, wisdom and timing for that. We’ll need an accountant to help Svetlana (pregnant with twins), there is a ton of standing in lines, paying fees/taxes, and general paperwork regardless whether you make any money or not.. there’s a reason that Ukraine has ‘two’ economies (one off the books, one in the books).
– Favor with the fire and food inspector, as well as city counsel and Mayor.

This week most of the church is at camp. We’ll still have bible study tomorrow night from the book of John with a number of Ukrainians and missionaries, pray for that too! Shared this past Sunday on Psalm 104 (God’s sovereignty over creation) and need to prepare for this Sunday as well. Not sure if I’ll pick up on the missions series or do something topical again. With a inductive study each week on the gospel of John, I find it difficult to have the time to properly ‘teach’ on anything more right now. I’m working daily with my company in Texas, keeping the Cafe project organized downtown and applying for Ukrainian residency (a job by itself!). Our plates are full, blessed, but I also feel a caution to not get too busy. I find myself too often grieved that I’m not spending enough time with the Lord, not out of duty but the delight that it brings. Like traveling through a dessert we need water to survive. He is our source and spiritual water. Lord teach us prioritize our spiritual life in light of this world’s many distractions and duties!

Thanks for checking in, I hope to get some pictures soon. Expecting a new camera with this group, very excited to start posting video and better quality pictures. Kids are doing well, Broderic is working some at the cafe and growing his hair out like Justin Bieber.  Bronwyn is reading almost every time I see her (or listening to audio books), Brent and Tucker are the active ones usually riding bikes (when it’s not raining) or on the trampoline, Clark is starting to play more with his older brothers and stuns us with deep questions, and Noah is off in his own world (and quite content) most of the time usually re-enacting some WWII battle scene or racing something around the house (watch your toes!).


Bruce & Deb

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  1. dorothy crowe

    Hi Bruce,
    What will you call the Cafe,
    Do you want suggestions,like bread of Life?
    Love Dad ps still no update on Dans health

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