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July 26, 2010


Finished saying good-bye to the Boldings, we had a wonderful time hosting our friends the past few days.  We setup a mini-retreat for the missionaries here and gathered to hear from both of them.  Bo shared a few sessions on Vision, particularly the ‘purpose’ of the new testament church.  I hope it blessed the group, I know it was good to hear again God’s heart for discipleship and Kingdom of God expansion.  Beth shared a few times with the ladies from our church, at the retreat and after our Sunday service.   Our boys enjoyed having Brady here, although they spend far too much time behind gadgets and gizmos (my mother is saying, “you sow what you reap!).


We are about to receive two more friends today, Tracy and Dana from Texas.  Deb is excited to have some girl time with them, and let them taste some of her world.  They’ll be here for a week.  Deb plans to take them for an overnight in Kiev, we found some nice apartments you can rent downtown that are cheaper and nicer than available hotels.

Ok, update on the trampoline.  Nobody was confessing, however one of the kids that I know was involved came asking to play on it.  I quickly called Alyosha to come so we could spend time talking to him.  Alyosha put the fear (not sure if fear of God or fear of police) in him, but I simply asked him to tell me the truth.  We talked about truth, how God loves truth, that I expect it from my kids, and the only think I’m asking from anyone that plays at our house is that they are always truthful with me.  He was very nervous, and wouldn’t look me in the eye.  He knew who took the ATV several times, and provided their names, but would not confess that he did it (but that he watched from a distance).  It’s hard because several of them look alike, they are actually brothers and look like twins.  He eventually looked me in the eye, and said he did not take it, but also promised that he would always ask permission for using anything first.  With that he was permitted to jump again.  Later he came back with his little 4yr old sister, so it’s neat to see a few more people coming back.  We also had 4 more newer kids come, unaware of the issue and pretty confident they have no idea about it, so I allowed them to jump as well.  The stinkers have yet to come around yet, but as more and more jump away, I think the pressure will mount.

In the meantime, we had some more theft (maybe I shouldn’t have inserted the law!  It has incited a desire to break it!).. Bronwyns tires from her new bike are gone.  It was in our shed but the lock had recently been broken (by me, but I think it was already tampered with).  In any case, we are suspicious of some older boys that did this, and have put the word out to the kids that they need to be returned.  They stole the wheels because you can use them without being caught.. the bike frame was left but someone is riding around RZ with some new wheels!  Pray for Bronwyn, she has struggled with the liberty in which kids have and are taking things.  I will get her new wheels, don’t worry grandparents!  We feel challenged (Deb and I at least) to be liberal in our grace, to trust and take their word, even if they are lying, to show them love when they deserve a smack on the head.  It may come at a bit of a cost, but we believe the gospel message is more than just words, it’s communicating through actions, earning a right to speak into lives takes time.. and maybe even some bicycle wheels.

Thanks for checking in!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Dave

    For some it’s pineapples, for you it’s ATVs and bicycle wheels.

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