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July 23, 2009

[lots of farming going on over here in Ukraine right now]

Hello friends and family – Life at the Crowe house is calming down after a fairly hectic few weeks.  We’re now recovering from a sickness that started with our youngest Noah, and slowly made its way up the food change by age.  Thankfully everyone is back to normal, mostly. 

It’s been very hot the past few weeks, in the 90’s on some days.  Might not sound that bad for all you Texans, but remember.. no AC in this town!  We actually have a mobile unit on wheels that we move into our bedroom at night, otherwise it would not be bearable on our second floor.  The kids have migrated collectively in the basement.  Thankfully the hot days are usually sprinkled with a cool day or two here and there, God’s form of respite, natural and free AC is a thing of wonder!

Deb and I have been planning/scheduling for the kids school and chores.  Life without Cassie has begun, and everyone has to pick up the slack.  We’re not stopping school through the summer, much to the children’s delight:).  They are happier when productive, sort of like us adults.  Alyosha is working on our garage, it’s almost finished, and we’re putting a deck on the top of it which we’re all pretty excited about.   The garage is of course made of concrete, and will withstand a german tank.  We look forward to the autumn, sitting out there on a pinic table and attempting to BBQ.  See below for what we’ll have to make ourselves if we want this dream to come true.. it’s the small things in life right?


[Jon and Ruth’s homemade BBQ, hey, it works!]


[no, that’s not soup, it’s tar, to be used to seal the bottom of the posts on our deck… why buy it when you can make it youself?  Wait, is that Deb’s pot? Shhh]

We’re heading into the City today to talk to them about a date for the ‘special’ kids camp (for handicapped children in the town).  The church has responded well and we have 7-8 volunteers ready to help make it happen.  Currently Simeon and Asia are leading a camp for kids down the street, they’ve had about 40 kids each day, and been faithfully presenting the gospel.  The summer time is definitely the time to do this type of outreach, it’s amazing the contrast of people ‘out and about’ in the summer versus the winter.  It literally feels like two different towns.  Many missionaries go back to their home countries for a few months during the winters here, and I can see why, especially if their ministry is toward kids/evangelism.  We need to get creative ahead of time to think of ways we can continue to shine the light of Christ in the dead of winter when nobody wants to leave their homes.


[noah is speaks as much russian as english, he’s a confused little man]

While in Ireland I bought an iPhone and been enjoying the seamless updates of photos/video to facebook.. which has caused less updating on this site.  The world of social networking is certainly changing how we all communicate, and I wonder how effective blogs like this will become, I need to install facebook on this site, bring you all here for some group discussion or something different.  I think the next update I will try and simply upload a video greeting/update, it is faster for me, and maybe more enjoyable on occassion to see us waving and screaming.


We are looking forward to family coming over to visit in August/Sept.  Until then we’re praying this update finds you well, and thank you for any thoughts/prayers coming this way.  God be glorified in all we do together for His Kingdom!

Sincerely, Bruce & Deb


  1. Bruce

    Comment to self, great post, testing this thing.

  2. Papa

    Hi Bruce,
    So face book is where you have been.MMmm
    End of August will soon be here,and looking forward to heading your way,
    Miss you all,
    Love Papa

  3. Jon

    You got a date at “The Shack” at the end of August Bruce???

  4. bronwyn

    Is that really mom’s pot? if it is better hide it in the forest. I like the picture of noah in our seat, and of us walking. end of august is still 33 days 8 hours and 10 seconds away. well like your blog dad, your daughter bronnie

  5. Ruth

    Hey i suppose you know about i(eye)jot???
    Its a cool video thingy that u email to people, but u being the tchno guy prob know about it already!!
    Better hide that pot!!

  6. nana

    I hope the heat passes before we get there!! Do you need us to bring any bbq parts over? or maybe a new pot? I can’t believe august is here this week, its getting closer! love you much–maaaa

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