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July 2, 2010

Busy, blessed.  A quick note to all my family and friends that are out there, we miss and love you!  Kids are daily running around my office, little Ukrainian girls today were laughing and throwing apples at my window.  They’d come to the door and yell, “brooooooce”… then giggle and run away.   It’s cool to meet new kids every day from the town, they come in waves.  We try to love them, but are strict as well with them.

I’ve been asked to speak at the Rz day next Saturday.  Actually, they want me (and anyone else from texas) to represent our fair state in song (thankfully they didn’t say dance).  I will be working up some sort of country song sample to play for the city, and trying to recruit some vocal talent.. yeee haw!

Property is still in document stage, ask me again in 2 weeks, hopefully it will be completed by then.

Friends from Ireland, via Latvia, are coming to visit us next week.  Their church would like to talk about hosting a children’s camp in the fall (or some sort of outreach).

Deb just found out that her close friends from Texas (Dana and Tracy) are coming July 26th, for a week to visit!  Yeah.. for her.  Bring oreos, doritos, and.. mm.  Steak?

Kids are in full school mode, my wife is cruel, starting their structured semester right in the middle of summer.  It’s been hot, 80-90’s most days.  Beach here is packed full of naked beer bellies and babushka’s in their undies.  We like our little beach.

Deb’s parents are still living in our basement, I think they like it and are getting a little too comfortable.  Actually their house it looking great, probably another month?  Ukraine, that means 3.

Grace and Peace to you all in Christ our Lord, He is a Great God… and happy July 4 all our American friends!

Bruce & Deb


  1. Gaven

    Are you singing in English Bruce? I probably could pass as Texan.
    And how do you know that the grandmothers are wearing undies at the beach Bruce?

  2. Dana

    tell your cruel wife that i am schooling through the summer also!!! i’m pretty sure we can get some oreos to you, but i’m thinkin’ the doritoes would be a pile of crumbs by the time we got there. :/

  3. mom

    Should we book our spot at your house for around Christmas? I think it will be quite around then, no one but us are that crazy to go that time of year, its brutal! Great to hear that Deb will have some girls over for a change…take

  4. Dad

    Thanks Bruce,
    Think of you often,
    Love Dad

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