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July 19, 2010

Praising God for working in the life of Kolya.  He’s a young college student who has been working with Dan on a house project.  He’s attended a few church events and conferences (Passion etc.) and I actually thought he was already a believer, or close to it as his heart seemed to be very open to God’s will for His life.  This past week Kolya attended Camp 120 and testified that He had surrendered his life to God.

Pray for Kolya, and for all of the young men in our church.  God is working in hearts as several unbelievers continue to attend Tuesday night meetings. The church in Ukraine is in need of young men like Kolya to influence and make a difference in this culture, pray His light will shine to his family and friends.

This week we host Bo & Beth, along with their son Brady.  The kids have been anxiously counting the days.  They love when guests roll in to town.  Clark is our softy, he is quite upset when the guests leave and holds back the tears.  It’s been wicked hot the past 3-4 days.  90’s (even into 100’s).  This weekend we camped out in a few rooms with a mobile AC unit, it kept things bearable but you didn’t want to move.  Thankfully we have a basement, it’s hard to sleep in our sauna upstairs.  Deb and I are amazed at how hot it gets here, we never imagined Ukraine would get so hot, most of our mental preparation for moving was to ‘russia’, and we pictured 2-3 months of spring type weather and 8 months of Siberia.  I think Deb would take Siberia, she loathes the hot weather.  Who knew we’d bring Texas with us!

***Special thanks to those that helped donate toward the boat motor for camp.  From what I hear it worked well and even able to tow kids on a tube.  The camp was on an island, a 30 minute boat ride, over 70 attended this year including Broderic and Bronwyn.


Bruce & Deb


  1. Tom Reagh

    I bet you are rethinking that decision to not install an AC now aren’t you? lol Don’t worry, if you had installed one, the snow would never stop falling. That’s the way things go. Man plans… God smiles.

    Give everyone there my best wishes and prayers.

  2. Dad

    Sorry its so hot there,poor Deb,its even on the news here about the heat in Russia,
    Love Dad

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