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January 31, 2011

Kids Under 10 @ Church

This past week we’ve been elevating prayer and the role of the Holy Spirit in the church. I’ve been sharing on Acts 1:8, the fulfillment of prophecy with the baptism of the Spirit, God’s plan to abide in, and empower His people, for His purpose. The work and purpose of the Holy Spirit has been, for me,

one of the most wildly misunderstood themes in my Christian experience. Scripture is packed full of very clear and encouraging versus that deal with this topic, and yet it seems that certain denominations and movements have

‘hi-jacked’ this crucial theme for their own experiences, resulting in unfortunate division (even in our little town). I’ve enjoyed studying and laying some basic foundations from scripture for our young church, we’re not denominational, we’re a mixed bag of doctrinal background, but we all love the Lord. God help us to live the abundant life Christ died to give us here on earth, nothing more, nothing less!

We’re in our second week of prayer emphasis, we had 11 guys come at 6:30am for prayer, most walking a decent distance, in freezing temps. It was surprising to see that many guys come, and very encouraging. A few of the students may not be Christians, we are still building relationships with some of them, pray for them with us!

We Need That Pizza Oven!

On Wed night we started as a church an outreach type home group for students from the cafe nights. It’s held at Shane & Jemimah’s and they had 6-7 come and we hope for a few more this Wed. It’s a more intimate alternative (and warm!) than the cafe nights which currently are on hold during these temperatures.

Kids are in full home school swing, we’re trying to get used to a new schedule. Jemimah (Shane’s wife, Dan’s sister) is helping twice per week with Brent and Tucker, which is a huge blessing to our family. Deb has wanted to spend more time with Broderic and Brownyn. Neil and Noline are also taking the kids a few times per week, down at their house for Math and Art lessons. Noah and Clark aren’t in school yet, we’re trying to get them into the half day school program here, but they don’t have the vaccines required, so we’re looking into that. They will be challenged to be understood and have the teachers understand them, but everything we’ve heard is that the young kids pick it up so quickly.

Ukrainians will fish anytime, anywhere!

It will also be Ukrainian and not Russian, so that is a bit of a twist as we’re all learning Russian.

Thanks for checking in!


  1. Jon

    It’s a challenge for anyone to understand Noah! Good news bro – cheers for the update.

  2. lorrie

    You are a little behind in your blogging, but then again I’m a little behind in reading them so that’s okay. I can relate to grey skies-although it usually means mild temperatures here and I’ll take that over freezing and sun 🙂

    It would be nice to bring our teens over for a visit/missions trip. Actually, I’ve never been on one before so it would be good for me too.

    Love Lorrie

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