This week we flooded the rink.  Temperatures dropped to -15C making it a quick freeze.  The kids and neighbors scrambling to put it to use.   I’m kicking myself for not making it bigger.  I think I may hit the Mayor up for a full size rink in the center next year – we’re collecting enough skates to serve the masses.

This morning I was able to share with the church here in Rz.  After several months of prayer and counsel, we’ve decided to officially leave the local fellowship here.  We’re seeking to branch out and see where the Lord might connect us in the area of church planting, and discipleship particularly with an emphasis towards Russia.  We’ll be visiting at least initially a Russian evangelical church in Kiev and take it from there.  This is a faith step for our family, and we appreciate your prayer as we long to see some steps taken this year that more accurately reflect the burden and calling on our lives.  We’ve been encouraged so far by a few open doors and anticipate some new things this year.

photo-1We continue to pray and work towards getting heat/gas in the Cafe.  The local gas guys simply scoff at our situation, and offer little to no help.  The regional gas director has been in the hospital, making it hard to get any real answers.  I will be going to the head office this week to inquire again.  Once we have heat, so many opportunities open up for the building itself – but until then, the investment sits there like a block of ice in the center of town.

I’m not sure what the next step will be for our programming office here.  I would appreciate prayer for this as well.

As most everyone knows by now, Ukraine continues to experience significant national unrest.  It’s hard to know where this ‘revolution’ will take the country practically over the next few weeks.  Surely some good will come from it, but perhaps not without some more suffering first.  I’ve not yet ventured into the heart of Kiev, but I’d like to.  It is not effecting us at all outside Kiev (in smaller towns at least), in fact you’d never know it was taking place unless you watch the news, social media, or find yourself in a debate among the locals about what’s being reported.

Thanks for checking in, we shall update again soon.

Bruce & Deb