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January 10, 2010

Broderic just came to me and commented how everyone around him is growing up faster than him, his friends voices are changing.  If only he knew how quickly he was growing.  

I wanted to update everyone on our electricity, it’s on.. and we have experienced mostly uninterupted power/heat in the house.  Thankful and cozy.  Temps have risen back to the freezing level, but the streets and highways remain quite dangerous (and adventurous).

Deb’s parents (Neil and Noline Rhodes) were able to share with their church this Sunday the news.  Which allows me to finally tell everyone openly as well.. they are moving here in March of this year!  It has been 6 months of praying and planning, on this side a lot of building has been taking place.  In fact two houses I’ve been overseeing, and a team of construction workers.  In order to secure the house they wanted, which wasn’t officially for sale (but very unfinished), we had to complete a smaller house for the owners, then we agreed to trade for the house.  Make sense?  Don’t worry, it barely makes sense here as well, some handshakes and good faith.. we’re almost there.  The first house should be completed in the next 2 weeks, tiling/kitchen and painting remain.  Then, the crew will get to work on her parents house, which won’t be ready for their arrival, but hopefully they can move in early spring.   Everyone is excited to have family here with us, they will be a tremendous blessing to our family, and the believers here.. the start of a seniors ministry!  😉

Start of my first full week of the year.  Last week had my parents here for a visit, was wonderful to relax and enjoy them.  Although my mom lost her passport… which we had to report to police, replace super fast… then we found the original last minute.. at least now I know how to do this.. I think.

Jan 15-31 our church is having prayer emphasis 2 weeks.  Pray with us, for us.  We are expecting a time of increased focus, prayer for the lost, and for God to use us more this coming year as His people in this town and region. 

Here’s a picture of the group that helped serve the handicapped children in our town with a special Christmas party.   Led by Cheryl and Sveta, we were able to get to know the families and children more, and continue to share truth about Jesus Christ and His love for them.

Children to tuck in, goodnight!

***sorry, unable to upload pics, will try later.  you can imagine one of the kids in the snow, the special kids outreach party, and a christmas photo. 

Bruce & Deb


  1. Lorrie

    Glad our children got to talk on phone today! Yay for Deb’s parents coming, and for such a great visit with Mom and Dad.

  2. stephanie

    Yeah! So glad the time is almost here for that. I went home for Christmas and felt the sadness of being 20 hours away and a year and a half gone from being home.

  3. Neil and Noline Rhodes

    Hey! I hope you were not thinking of us when you said it would be the beginning of a senior’s meeting. 🙁
    We are not that old, at least we don’t feel that old. Nonetheless, we are very excited to be with you all and share in the adventure.

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