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Jan 18, 2010

Everyone out there used to writing 2010 yet?  I remember when 2001 seemed like we were living in the future, where are the flying cars?  In my town the main mode of transportation (besides walking), are sleds right now.  I have to be careful driving around that my truck doesn’t slide into anyone.  The roads are very slick, several are 100% ice with the occassional shovel pile of sand spread around for good measure.

We have started our prayer advance.  I’m sort of used to the name, but for those that aren’t, think ‘retreat’, and then do the opposite, advance!  We are moving forward in prayer between now and the end of the month as a church.  Personally, collectively, we want to elevate prayer and communion with God in all things.  Our theme is “in everything by prayer”.   We are praying for God to give us collective vision, unity, favor, souls… more of Him in our times corporately, in the Word.  We want more fruit in our lives, from our lives.  I’m praying personally that this would be a year of greater victory over sin & compromise, greater compassion to the lost around me, greater service in His Kingdom.

One of the main things our church is going to focus in and pray for, which I’m terribly excited and relieved about, is prayer for land downtown.  I’m including a video of some land which is directly next to the bus station.  It is currently owned by an old grandmother who is willing (we think) to sell, but unsure of the price.  She has been ‘playing the market’ a bit, and thinks she can get $40k for it.  This is a bit high for us, actually, about $20k more than I’d like to spend to be honest.  It’s very hard to look at the context of a piece of land in RZ, where there’s very little infrastructure, utilities, people with money or jobs.. and then consider anything to be a ‘good deal’ over $5k.. however we have very limited options if we want to be downtown, and this is right on the street.  It’s just across the street from the previous piece we were praying and investigating (which ended up getting sold for $80k total we were told!!).

So, here’s my request, please pray that God would give us this land.  I haven’t met anyone that didn’t feel it was ‘time’ for us, we have both the need and desire to minister in a greater way downtown.  We have people excited to help manage and run a cafe, computer area, and recently UTSIM (jono’s english school) was kicked out of the school they were in and now looking for another place.  This facility could be a blessing to the community, to the church, and we believe for the Kingdom.  Step one though, we still need land!!  Pray as I plan to speak with the owner later this week, we’ve already offered $20k, no go, but I’m feeling good about meeting and sharing with her our heart and desire for this ministry center idea… the main thing is to secure the fact that she WILL indeed sell it, and to us.. no matter the price.. welcome to Ukraine!  God’s favor be with us and hear our prayer!


  1. lorriemae

    very interesting blog :=)

  2. nana

    Our prayers are with you and the church, it is easy to see how exciting it would be to see this come to fruition, but as we’ve seen in our own church growth it sometimes doesn’t come in our timing but His. Our leaders have spent 2 1/2 years just getting through council getting approval for expansion, we can now see had we been able to go ahead orginally we would have grown out of our church by now, we were able to buy a lot next door that allows us to build larger. His will, nothing less, nothing more, nothing else!(my reminder to keep focused) love you, mom

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