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It’s a Rap!

Slavic the Rapper and his agent Igor!

This week our church brought in another young Christian rapper from Western Ukraine.  Through an officially sponsored Ukrainian program promoting “Drug & Alcohol Free Lifestyles” and our friend Yura from Beleko Shuschenka he spoke to 4 schools in 2 days and hundreds of students.  He was really a great communicator and from what I could understand, was able to promote God and a godly lifestyle in this morally starved culture.

Students listening to Slavic share about Christian ethics & Rap, cool combination here!

It was neat to recognize at least 20 of the kids from this particular school.   It was a typical assembly, plenty of joksters and mocking at first, then by the end they were all ears and wanting Slavic’s autograph.  Such an influential age, Lord bring a harvest in this community for your Kingdom!

First Textured Wall - going for an organic, earth tone backdrop then will hang some paintings.

Been working this week at the Cafe.  Actually started my first ‘texturing’ project, a bit nervous to mess up our beautifully prepared walls… but I had to go for it.  It is turning out quite nicely, at least I think so!  Can’t wait to get the floor tiles in there and set the mood for some quiet conversations around coffee.  I decided today to purposely push the vents for the pizza oven out the front of the building, directly toward the Bus station.. the smell will be our best advertisement!   We are still in need of $7k to finish the kitchen, we had so many document and inspection requirements our donated kitchen money had to be used to address those issues.   We’d be thrilled if you wanted to help, we have 2 more weeks before we’ve exhausted 100% of our resources on this project, and material.

New front glass doors, exciting!

Thanks for checking in, next time need to get a few pictures of my wife’s growing belly!  We have our first check up this coming Monday, she is 3 months along already, wow.


Bruce & Deborah Crowe
Rzhyschiv, Ukraine

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  1. Dana

    i love the colors!!! i can’t wait to come have coffee and pizza there!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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