This is for our home church, and any family or friends planning to visit us.  We’re frequently asked what items visitors can bring over for our family.  I need to create a specific page for this because the items rarely change.  Any of the following items would be  great blessing!  We are happy to re-imburse any expenses, minus the plane ticket to bring them over:) 

Beef bouillon cubes
Chili powder
Ranch seasoning
Corn starch
Gatorade powder
Wrapping paper (for gifts)
Peanut butter (they used to have, but haven’t been able to find for months)
Powdered sugar
Chili powder
Brown Sugar
White Powdered Sugar
Vitamins (daily, adult and kids)
Advil / Tylenol for Kids
Zip lock bags of all sizes (mostly larger helpful)
Children’s books / magazines / puzzles
Devotional Materials (DVD’s, group study, novels)

*remember to ‘unpackaged’ all retail goods, if it’s sealed in a box and can be re-sold, it will cause problems at customs if your suitcase is searched.  If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop off to Crossroads Community Church before July 1 and the team will bring over.  Much thanks from the Crowes (and all that benefit from Deb’s lovely cooking!).

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Bruce & Deb