It’s always shocking how quickly the seasons change in Ukraine.  We’re entering our 9th year here, you’d think the shock would wear off!  To start the season we all had the flu last week, and now sporting rough voices and runny noses.

By the mercy of God we were able to pile in 15 students and a few friends into our van and truck and head to Kiev for a night of bowling.  For 90% of the students, it was the first time the had ever bowled.


Each month we try to take the Club 180 students somewhere, or do something out of the ordinary.  One of the colleges randomly closed and sent students home, so we weren’t sure who was going to come.  We ended up taking 6-7 of the guitar/drum students that come several times per week with some our Wednesday night regulars.  It was a great time to relax and connect as Dima our Studio Enginner and his wife came, as well as Max (posing with his fingers) who’s our new Barista and youth helper.

Max also really loves video and I’ve commissioned him to produce some youth profile videos – short 3-4 minute clips in a biography style, introducing the young people that we are investing in and telling a bit of their story.  Coming soon!

I’m now racing to try and launch our new Lighthouse Ukraine website, possibly this weekend.  It’s been hard to find reliable internet lately and the time to try and write, upload photos and videos… but it’s going to be cool to finally have a ministry site that houses our various activities.

Please pray for us this week as we have some important meetings with ministry partners and continuing to look to the Lord for guidance for 2017 focus.

Bruce & Deb