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Ireland Trip


Last week Deb and I took a last minute vacation to Ireland.  With Cassie about to leave in July, and the Texas group coming on the 3rd, we figured it was now or never!  It was interesting to consider a ‘vacation’ in this part of the world.  You can fly to Italy, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Egypt, all for $200 round-trip or less.  For Americans it’s like planning a trip to another State.  We, or I should say I, always wanted to visit Ireland.  Deb’s dad has contacts in Ireland at a church that heard of our potential getaway, and blessed us with the funds to buy round-trip tickets.   It was neat to meet some new friends, and a church (Donnybrook, Ireland – that is interested in getting involved in our part of the world.  We flew in to Dublin, then rented a car for the week and toured the entire southern part of Ireland.  It’s hard to describe the history, the landscape, everything was gorgeous.  We were overwhelmed  (once again as any westerner returns from Ukraine) at the overwhelming ‘niceness’ of people, and customer service.  The food was wonderful too, we tried out best to gain some weight.  It was everything I thought it would be, and more.  We missed our kids, Cassie did wonderfully and was still sane upon our return.

Our two pieces of luggage are missing.  The power in our entire town yesterday was out from 3-9pm.  The kids ate all the food while were gone, our brains are still on vacation, but Ukraine is pulling us back quickly to reality. 

Here are some pictures of our adventure.  We’re now getting ready for the Texas group that flies in tomorrow afternoon.  Please pray for this upcoming week of meetings, and the business seminar.  Pray that relationships would be built, and existing ones impacted through the hope and reality of faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins!


Help!  First time driving on the “wrong” side of the road!  20 near misses.


Views from the car as we drove around the coast.  Breathtaking.




Lots of old Castles dating back to 800-1200AD


Cliffs of Moher. 


This fort is dated 500-800 BC


These are ‘beehive huts’, monks of St. Patrick lived in them.  St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. 

Thanks for checking in, we will be posting updated on the group this week, so check back soon!



  1. paula mason

    So glad you got to take a trip together. The scenery is beautiful…but the pictures made me miss you lots lots!

  2. Dana

    Oh isn’t it wonderful! i would love to go back to Ireland someday!! so glad you two got to enjoy it! 🙂 and tell deb i LOVE her new haircut!!! miss you guys!

  3. nana

    Real neat pictures Bruce, the one of the cliffs is how I pictured it there, love to see a castle. Praying for you and the gang from Texas this week. love you–mom

  4. nana

    You could do a”Drive through History ” segment,
    Love Dad

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