Yulia is the director of CCX Ukraine and has served with them for 11 years. She came to Christ through this ministry. It was cool to meet up for lunch!

This coming week in Kiev there will be 4 days of on campus discussion and teaching related to the Gospel.  The theme is ‘Myth Busters’ and incoming speakers will share on common misconceptions of Christianity.

Our YFM team will be connecting and serving, and possibly playing at some evening Cafe outreaches.

As many of you know, we worked with Katya and CCX Belarus, which is unofficially serving students.  It’s much harder to do public events and outreach in Belarus compared to Ukraine.  Ukraine for example, has 28 full time staff/missionaries, Belarus only a couple.   In Russia, once had dozens of staff is down to only 8 as the government clamps down on western influence.

Pray for CCX/InterVarsity, they bring solid evangelical teaching, apologetic and relevant opportunities directly to the next generation on the campuses here.

Bruce & Deb