It’s been so cool to watch God organize this past month.  From the students He’s assembled, to the teams and staff coming in/out to love and invest in their new journey with Christ, it’s been a pure joy.

We finished tonight with a BBQ, Ukrainian style with salads, fruit, and chicken.  We ship 6 of them off to the Kelly camp in Ivankiv (northern Ukraine) for a week of serving underprivileged/special needs children.  A few of the interns are staying back to work at the Cafe, not quite ready, but eager to continue growing for future opportunities.

Thank you to the particular sponsor family that made this program possible by helping to pay for the enormous amount of food.

There is one student in particular among us that we are praying about for YFM Bible College this fall.  Would you pray for her?  Her name is Anya.  She would need complete sponsorship as she doesn’t have any financial means at all – she may be able to come up with $50 for example in total for the year.  We are still needing a few more sponsors to help us make a full year of study possible in Minsk for more students like Anya.

We love what God is doing in this generation.   We are continually meeting and forging new relationships with like-minded missional folks who are as excited – I’m astounded by the communities emerging in Ukraine and Belarus of youth, led by youth, passionate for Jesus and mission.  It’s a season of harvest – we must invest, equip and send while this opportunity is before us.

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Bruce & Deb