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I’m Legal – Permanently!

After two long years, a forest of paperwork and a truckload of chocolates, I’m a permanent resident of Ukraine!

Those of you that have followed our process will appreciate the amount of relief and joy this day has brought.  We were told earlier this week to come in Friday and get it, but even then I refused to become hopeful.  It wasn’t until driving home with Natasha that it hit me.. I can go in and out, I’m not here on business or for religious purposes.. we’re ‘in’, I can work, operate businesses, and now sponsor legally Deb and the kids.

I wonder if I can be put in jail more easily too.  Never thought of that.  Let’s stay positive, it’s over!

We’re now quickly planning a trip to Poland to get Deb’s new visa that will allow her to stay legally for one year.  During that period, we’ll be working like mad to secure her and the kids under the permanent status too.

Those of you that know how difficult, illogical, and downright mean the OVIR folks can be, will appreciate how special this day is for us.  We’re here long term, we believe God has called our family to this part of the world, and this little stamp and booklet are an affirmation of our faith and God’s blessing in this direction.

I was so surprised, I asked the Ovir lady (who has not been the kindest sort) if I could give her a hug.  She looked around at the waiting room and was like, “in front of all these people?”..  she smirked as this towering foreigner swooped in for an appreciative gesture of delirium.

I want to thank God for the patience and endurance He has worked into my life through this ordeal.  He’s not finished, but I grew through this folks.  I want to also thank both Svetlana and Natasha who have gone to Kiev collectively at least 50 times during this process, stood in lines for me for days, and provided he translation and document help that was possible.   We know the ropes now and should be a little less stressful with Deb and the kids.  I say ‘little less’… who knows what curve balls their process will bring.

Also picked up some wonderful tables and chairs for the Cafe today, should be enough for now.  Will try and take some pictures this weekend.  After 3 long days in Kiev this week I’m ready to chill, enjoy the family and reset for what God has next week for us.

Please pray for a situation we have with the business here.  I won’t go into details but we have a legal ‘gray area’ issue regarding an employee and their taxes which has been brought to my attention.  We need wisdom to take the right steps both for this situation and the future of the business.

Bruce & Deborah


  1. Dave

    Extremely excited for you, Bruce! I can imagine a huge weight has been lifted. Glory to God!

  2. Merryl Squair

    Hallelujah…….if only mine was that easy ;( but step by step and will get there eventually.

  3. lorrie

    happy for you all 🙂

  4. Jono

    wow wow wow
    something I only ever dreamed of
    praise God

    • dorothy crowe

      Thats my boy!Thats our God!
      Simply Amazing,
      Love Dad

  5. dorothy crowe

    So relieved and happy for you!
    Being a mom its a bit of a awakening again, first an american citizen now a ukrainian resident, giving you to God isn’t always the easiest thing to do but watching you grow closer to the Lord is such a reward. Look forward to seeing you all in January….

  6. Deryk Rhodes

    I’m sorry to hear that.

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