IMG_1956-1There’s very little that pains more more than asking for money.  One of those things however is watching our Lighthouse property sit frozen and useless in the dead of winter!

We have the opportunity to heat the ENTIRE building (both floors) with wood, using new (for us) technology.  This system will not only be twice the heat we currently have, but also pay for itself during the course of one winter’s utility savings.

The project will cost us $3,000US in total, which includes the boiler, 10 new radiators/piping for 2nd floor, chimney and labor.

We are needing $2,000 to complete this purchase.  Would you consider helping us?  Click here to Give!

If we can raise this in the next 3 weeks, we will be able to have it installed by mid October, just in time for winter.

We have met with a reputable company in Kiev that will give us a 3yr guarantee.  It will have a battery backup to circulate the heat for up to 24hrs without electricity – which will be a huge blessing for us during the irregular and scheduled power rations in the winter.

Context: Why we need this new heating system for the Lighthouse?

Ukraine is heading into a perilous winter season.  A primary controlling mechanism of the Russian’s has been the supply of Gas to Ukraine.  Not only the supply, but the ‘special’ prices which help the countries population stay warm through the winter.

Those special prices are gone.  This spring, to the horror of the average Ukrainian that was already struggling to keep warm all winter, was hit with the new reality of not snuggling up to the Russian bear.

Gas, and therefor heat for housing, has TRIPLED in cost.  This will be the first winter Ukraine has been hit with real, EU type pricing. 

To make matters even more frightening, the Ukrainian economy has been crushed midst the revolution and war.   The hrvnya has lost 3 times it’s value in two years (to the US Dollar).

Triple Gas Rates + Triple Loss of Currency = VERY COLD WINTER

In a time of crisis, the gospel and the Light that it gives shines brightest.

We want, with all our hearts to provide our community a consistently warm place.

Last year we did our best with the limited electricity available, and a generator to keep the Cafe warm.  It allowed us to remain open for most of the winter, but we did not have enough power to heat the second floor and it was forced to remain closed all winter.

Additionally the electric power was very expensive (businesses pay 3x the regular costs), and was costly for us, even though the Cafe wasn’t even warm enough for customers to take their jackets/hats off on colder days.

This year, we are actively using our 2nd floor for ministry.  Groups are, and will meet for discipleship, English Club, painting and other creative workshops.  It’s an exciting season as we enter our 2nd year – we’re beginning to see some structure, and fruit.  A warm facility is critical for the Lighthouse ministry to keep growing and see more bridges built into our community and students touched with the love of God.

Like Scotty, we need more power!  Our best option right now is wood, and it happens to be the most affordable long term solution.  The electricity can go off (and it will), the gas can be turned off (and it will) and we will still have a cozy place for events – a light AND heat for Jesus!

Thank you for considering to give, pray and tell your friends!  You can give via this site by clicking here or by sending US checks to:

Crossroads Community Church
C/O – Ukraine Heating Project
1400 E. Loop 281
Longview, TX 75605