Allow me to set the stage.

Small Ukrainian town, less than 8k people.  Three colleges, +750 students, ages 15-19yrs, a majority of them away from home living in dorms. Nothing to do.  Bored, without a penny to rub together.  No work, no hope for the future.  Small fraction of the young people are experiencing the real, available love of God in Christ.  Yet, increasingly more are responding to God.

Then, boom. Everything changes.  Smack in the center of this town, a free concert, youth oriented, professional level, international crew of musicians show up and host something out of this world.

When: March 30th
Help us raise the $1,000 needed for this outreach!  Click here! 

Together with our Steiger friends, we are welcoming the band ‘Heroic Nation’ from France. Click and take a quick listen!

Heroic Nation is a French EDM (electronic dance music) band led by brother and sister duo, Jeremie and Lydie. They share a passion for delivering the message of God’s love to their generation through music.

We’ve rented our largest, and really only large concert call, seating up to 400 people – it has the perfect stage for putting on a City scale concert, and we’re doing just that.

We’ve contracted with a professional sound & lighting crew to turn our small town auditorium into a ‘Kiev’ level experience for our students.  The moment they will enter the hall, they will know they’ve entered something completely different.  From the lights, the sound, the digital displays – to the most important element – they will experience the love of God.

From the crew coming, to the team already here, including the students already touched by the love of God – we are praying and believing this night will be one for the eternal record books.  Lives will be touched, and even changed – we are believing for a packed house, and ready for those responding to the Gospel through music.

In the past, I wasn’t a fan of using such evangelistic styles.  I don’t care anymore, I’m seeing hearts open to Jesus, and we’ll do all we can to help this generation experience Him.

This is not America, or Canada.  This event should never happen in rural, economically collapsed Ukraine.  Those coming in with a message of hope will find listening ears. I believe the timing is ripe, God by His mercy is compelling, reaching and pulling in hearts to experience something greater than they’ve known.  This is our first ‘mass’ outreach type event in our town, and we are praying hard for fruit to care for.

We are asking if anyone out there would help us reach our $1,000 goal for funding this event?   This is crazy good soil, we are excited to sow, but need help!

Deb and I are also personally hosting (lodging, feeding) the team coming in, which will be +20 strong, including folks from Steiger, Heroic Nation, and YWAM.  We’re going to host a free pizza evening the night before, as a way of collecting in students and giving them a taste of the music before the big concert so they can all get their friends.

If you can’t give, please pray.  March 29/30th, pray these two evenings, God shows up, that the Gospel is heard and experienced.  Our youth are excited obviously, and ready to fill the building – and by God’s grace ready to reach and connect with all that respond.

My dream, for the past 8yrs in our town, has been to pack this particular place with youth, and see God work in an incredible way through music and the Gospel.

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If you would like more details on the actual costs or have some questions, message me on facebook or by email at  As always, your gift can be made tax-deductible.

Every dollar is received with joy and thanksgiving, trust me.


Bruce & Deb