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Home Sweet Home!

We all quickly huddle, give thanks to God and join for a family THANK YOU!

I just asked Noah if he’d like to say anything to the people that have been praying for him.  He thought about it, then said, ‘No, I don’t think so.”  He may not understand what he’s just gone through the past 3 days, but his Mom and Dad do, thank you!

We just returned from Kiev a few minutes ago.  It was a long final day in Kiev trying to get ‘loose’ (quite literally from the IV!) from the hospital.  In my first post, I was very nervous about quality of care we were potentially entering into and on some levels it was worse than we thought, but in areas that matter most (Noah’s head!) we were very thankful for the two doctors charged with his care.

Noah is enjoying his first full day without throwing up, which means the nausea is decreasing.  He has a special diet for the next few weeks which consists of basically no sugar, and no meat to help with an infection in his pancreas.  Beyond that, he simply needs to be careful not to jump around or bang his head (a feat that will certainly be another miracle if you know Noah).  We’re in the middle of quarantining him off a section of the living room for the next few days, as well as masking our kids who currently have the flu.

We will go back on Monday for a checkup, and if his fever returns, or he can’t keep fluids/food down, we have to immediately return.  Pray we have a restful few days until Monday, our family really could use it!  Our other kids aren’t doing so hot either, a coupld of them are recovering from the flu and we’re praying it doesn’t spread, especially to Noah!

We are so thankful for:

– The Gollans, who quickly stepped in and took total care of our kids (and Cheryl!)
– The nurses and doctors at the Children’s hospital who work in terribly underfunded conditions, over worked, and yet serve with what can only be described as a special calling, a ‘ministry of mercy’ every day to banged up new borns and children of all ages.
– Friends and family that encouraged us and prayed us through.  What a testimony to the ‘social’ world around us as believers from many continents jumped in and saw God save and sustain our little boy.
– God the Father, merciful to us.  Thank You for ultimately salvation, we trust You with our souls in this life and the next!


Bruce & Deb (and Noah!)


  1. tanya susidko

    We’re so glad he’s home and that all went so well. Praise God. Olya is sitting here with us and says to say, “Hi, and wishes Noah a quick recovery”

  2. Amy Bridges

    Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord! So glad to hear he is home! We too will be praying for a quick recovery for little Noah and health and strength for Deb!

  3. stephanie

    LOVE this picture!!!

  4. Connie

    So glad you’re home. We are praying for you here at our CDTS. 🙂

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