Does anyone else still find it strange to write 2017? The other day we were estimating the potential year of our death, if we each lived to the ripe age of 80. Have you ever done that?  For me, it would be 2055.  Doesn’t seem that far off when you think of the decades already peeled away.

I think of the scripture often;

‘Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Ps 90:12

How could it possibly benefit us from counting, or numbering our days on earth?  To start with, none of us could possibly know for sure. Then there’s the morbidity of it.  Our culture wants death removed from sight, consumers need to be happy and feel like we’re gonna live forever.

Yet, there’s wisdom promised for those that step back and consider ones mortality.  We begin to think about the blessings surrounding us. The things we begin to take for granted come into sharper view, nothing visible will last.  The involuntary beating of our heart, we are so very small, so very fragile, so dependent.

These seemingly ‘morbid’ topics actually can wake us up to a sharper image of reality, and in doing so, make us lean into Jesus.  As the recurring payment of death trickles from our repository of life, we are forced to look past this life for hope.  There’s wisdom in that!

That our ultimately home is not earth, our ultimate body not the one I presently manage.  The very date set for earths departure transitions from a morbid thought to an anticipatory one, and a longing, even an eager awaiting.  I begin to charter my life with renewed purpose, let nothing be a waste.

The search for hope and meaning, for those that believe Jesus was God incarnate, finds it’s anchor in the resurrection. If he rose, we will rise.

“For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”
Col 3:3

As believers, we reach hold of this truth, possessing now what is promised, though we yet remain in the throws of this life.  When I die, I will find life again in Christ.  I cling now to Him, I dare not wait for another day.

Lord Jesus bless and strengthen the struggling heart today, affirm your perfect love and assurance of things to come as we trust wholly in You!