Goal: $1,000

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It’s been on my to-do list since we opened Lighthouse Cafe, to get a proper store front sign.  As a ministry, all of our available funds go to keeping the actual cafe operational, legal and our staff paid.  So, not been able to.

To date, we’ve been using banners, and after a while, they look weathered and rather terrible.  One guy recently gave us 4/5 stars on Google maps commenting, “wonderful cafe, it’s a shame the owner don’t have a better sign.” 

We’ve invested so much inside the Cafe, it is a  shame the exterior doesn’t do a better job of drawing folks in.  We’ve been busy in other areas the past year that I haven’t given it much thought. Ukraine doesn’t place a huge amount of importance on exterior things, especially in rural communities that still look like they did 50yrs ago!  However, we’ve become a little tourist town over the past few years, and the outside revenue represents an opportunity for our Cafe to become more sustainable.  We have more competition as well, with 3 other Cafes (2 are non-alcoholic, they’re copying us!) and two more restaurants.

Drawing of the sign, our plans are to complete the facade of the building sometime as well which will make it look even nicer – covering the ugly old bricks.

The economy is still in terrible shape, we could really use your help.

I’ve contacted a sign company in Kiev, and a lit, fiberglass sign with turnkey installation is going to cost right at $1,000.  They will actually come from Kiev (90 minutes away).

It will light up at night, which will be super cool as we are in a great location across from the bus station.

Help us light up for Christ and more customers?  Please don’t think you need to give a large gift, every dollar is one we don’t have! 🙂


Donation Instructions:

*US residents who would like to support specific projects (vs just our family), please use our MIR Charity donation form for tax deductible receipting –  click here!

**Canadian residents, use our Canadian charitable option and choose “Bruce & Deborah Crowe”-  click here!

**we’ll notify on social media once goal is reached – any additional funds received for sign we will put towards the facade which we would love to cover/insulate for next winter.  

For those that don’t what we do, short little promo of life inside the Cafe 🙂