Over the past 48hrs in Ukraine, a heat wave has moved in reminding us that yes, there are in fact 4 seasons in this part of the world. After a long snow-less and rather dismal winter, I’m once again reminded how blessed we are to have a couple air conditioner units at home!

Noah turned 13 last week

The weather is not the only thing heating up. Watching from afar via social media, it seems our dear friends in America have moved from incubation to public protest. Are we watching the unraveling of the western narrative? What will our homeland look like a decade from now? Ideologies are fascinating things, imperfect and dangerous at the extremes, I put little faith in humanities ability to sustain a happy middle. We’ve known peace, us comfortable westerners, we’ve grown to assume it as a humanity, perhaps oblivious to histories unkind alternatives.

Our garage is structurally falling down, and we need to replace. We’d love to make it 30% larger, increase our pantry space (widows and for cafe) as well as basement and potential 2nd floor. for expanded ministry space. Pray with us would you?
Well our garage isn’t the only thing falling down, we have decks to fix, and our retaining wall in backyard is being revamped. Why do things fall apart?
Our new crowdfunding platform is promoting some really beautiful projects including this bakery that hires only mentally handicapped help. Love this!

The crowds are returning to our little town, even the beach was rather full over the weekend. While the corona thing has continued to impose laws, the general public seems rather fed up with the lack of information, and general ‘no end in sight’.. plus when the news is flooded with mass protests (most not wearing masks) it tends to signal conflicting messages yeah? Anyway, we’re happy to see life edging towards a normalcy here – our cafe is open, and new faces inside enjoying the space once again!

We met last night (lighthouse community), it was heartfelt, focused on deepening our love through governing our words, avoiding gossip, and building up one another. Its a difficult thing to cultivate in a culture where trust is broken so early as most families are broken, many grew up without both parents. Add to that the mentality of a small town, where everyone knows what you ate for dinner, it’s a deep burden in prayer to see a new culture, a culture of trust and refusal to undermine the character of those who are found on our lips. We talked about loving through direct communication, if necessary and finished with some prayer together and commitment to grow in this area.

See ya!