Everyday is dress up day!

Everyday is dress up day!

Our family has been hit hard with flu/cold the past week.  The hacking and coughing can be heard from room to room – Last night I thought I was living in a nursing home.. without nurses.

Speaking of hacking, there has been a major attack over the past 2 weeks on websites and servers that host a particular, but very popular CMS (content management system).  It is estimated that up to 15 million possible sites were both vulnerable and effectively compromised during this period.  Our company in the US hosts over 200 websites, and keeping them secure and running 24/7 is in these times, a very stressful thing.


hackI don’t get hackers.  They are evil.  They are cowards.  Businesses like ours across the world have a hard enough time without external forces trying to destroy us.  We’re just regular folks, with kids, diapers to buy, and hopes to build something for our families future. The constant onslaught of malicious technology efforts is something that most folks don’t see – but it’s real, it’s complicated, and doesn’t seem to be getting better.

I don’t doubt that eventually, the internet itself will be taken down, overwhelmed via malicious scripts – would that be a terrible thing?  For the global economy of course.. but for regular families?  If we go a day without internet in our house we all re-introduce ourselves.

Our sweet Claire - already a month old.

Our sweet Claire – already a month old.

In other news, http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/nato-s-stoltenberg-says-russia-moves-troop-closer-to-ukraine-border/510630.html – Russia is adding numbers to their western border.  This is sparking concern on the Ukrainian side, and the new president here Poreshenko has ordered more back up reserves to strategic cities in that area – this winter is not going to be without tension.  I pray that is all the political games produce.  We are happy to hear that Alyosha here has been granted 18 days vacation from the army where he serves as cook.  Something tells me that may be cut short if things continue to escalate as they are.

The Russian backed Ukrainians have staged elections for their ‘new region’… going against the countries actual elections that took place last week.

We are praying this week specifically for direction on a few things –

– New Year Plans
– My Truck
– Cafe Gas (met again this morning with chief, he’s approved installing our new meter this coming Monday… however can’t turn it ‘on’ until another piece comes in December, but at least it could be all ‘ready’ for that piece).

We have also added hot dogs, sandwiches, and just in today … ICE CREAM to our menu!   Once I feel a bit better and can taste again, we will be designing and testing our 2-3 main ice cream desserts which will include a traditional Ice Cream Sundae, and a Banana Split – both of which are totally new for our area.   Just in time for winter… we’ll be ready for the summer 🙂

Thanks for checking in!