The team here has brought added activity. The creative courses were slammed today with extra students and even a busload from another town today surprising us. I forgot to pick up my boys from school, a town over.

Eventually found them, and took them around with me to visit several of the workshops, snapped a picture of Clark and Noah – fresh in their school attire.

Deb reminded me that we had a picture similar from a few years ago. Oh Lord teach us to number our days, and remember what is important!

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.13.31 PM

The weather is simply amazing right now. It’s amazing how our little town can go from a barren winter wasteland to a bustling community as soon as warm hits. We’ve hired a few extra hands at the Cafe to help with the increased business. The team has been jumping in to help as well, free labor!

Last night worship and prayer was great. Liz led, wife of Mike, mother of Caedmon. They are living in our little Ukrainian house at the bottom of the hill. Mike was a science teacher and Liz involved with live productions prior laying things down, starting a family and joining YWAM. I look forward to getting to know them, and more of the team in the coming weeks. It’s always so encouraging to hear the stories of God’s pursuit and lives moving by faith.

I wish I could press pause, gather this talented group together and do some recording. Through this process of evening worship, I’ve been astounded at the lack of translated worship material available. I would love to write and record Russian/Ukrainian original and more contemporary options for the church. We must at least get a basic studio setup, while they are here. Please pray for us in this, there’s so much talent untapped, and I believe it would be a major attraction to many believers to come and record. Pray for funds and the time to try some of this!

Elsa and I started translated one of our favorite recent worship songs “Future Past.” I don’t believe it’s translated yet into Russian and definitely not Ukrainian. We’re almost finished, just need a few more hours to finish the final verse. It’s very tricky to find the right words, meanings, and make it syncopate together into something that captures the original song. I’ll let you know how it goes.. we hope to sing it at an upcoming evening.

Bruce & Deb