After 35 weeks, our weekly bible study has come to a close.  It was a lot more challenging that I anticipated, but immensely rewarding.  God’s Word makes so much sense when you keep it in context, refuse to settle for trite answers, and read a lot of commentaries!

Gospel of John Study Notes

I’m attaching my study notes which I compiled over the course of the past 8 months.  They’re a result of personal study, greek & hebrew word studies, compilations from commentators and theologians such as Calvin, Clarke, Wesley, Barnes.  After a verse by verse format like this, I’m convinced anyone can study the Bible – it just takes discipline.  I am not a disciplined guy by nature, so no excused out there, get to work!

We’re going to take a break for a few weeks and praying now about the next study.  The group was amazing, consistently attending and we ended up with pretty much the same core we started with, minus our dear friend and brother Vlad.   Couldn’t have done it without some wonderful friends and translators – thanks to Sergei Susidko especially!

Besides starting another book, pray with us about the possibility of starting some evangelistic Bible Studies in surrounding villages.  This is on my heart, and I’m seriously asking for God to open some doors and confirm this direction.  Several of us in the church are sensing a time of transition, God is orchestrating some change and we’re looking forward to how things will progress this summer and fall.

Bruce & Deborah