“In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world—just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace.”  Col 1:6

If you are person of faith in Christ, you are living in a revolution.  The powers of this present age hold nations in darkness.  Human governments, whether forced upon the people or elected by them have and gone into the annuls of history.   They cease.  They have an end.  Even the greatest powers wither like the grass (Isa 40:7).

If you are a person of faith, your Kingdom is not of earth.  It’s an eternal, everlasting reign.  Our allegiance is to Jesus Christ, and to remain unchallenged by the flowering or withering kingdoms of this earth.

The Gospel, the message of the Kingdom, is love.  Love from a supremely gracious, but fiercely righteous King.  He transfers us into His Kingdom (Col 1:13) and as adopted ransomed children, commissions us back out to bring His Kingdom to earth.  This commission, is not optional.  It’s been happening since the day Christ first uttered it to His disciples (Matt 28), and it’s been marching through history since.

“The Gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world..” – the whole world!  The Gospel is emerging in it’s power in the most random places, every day, and has been for 2000yrs.  It’s not confined to western cultures, or inhibited to the intellectuals.  It’s conquering the poor and rich alike, the religious and unbelieving.   It’s powerful enough to change every human heart that believes upon Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the suffering Son of God.

I agree with CS Lewis.  We live not in redeemed culture, but in enemy occupied territory.

“Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.”

America was once a beacon of Gospel light.  It influenced nations towards Kingdom values of integrity, freedom and respect.   I grieve over the church’s revealed and I believe growing irrelevance in its present form.

While it strives to influence elections, it is  compromising it’s moral and spiritual influence not only on itself, but the nations that once looked to her for the eternal light of the Kingdom. 

Organized religion as a whole has lost it’s mission.  It’s a very sad day when salt loses it’s saltiness, but it’s not one without hope.

Salt’s power is in its preservation qualities.  The great news is that the salt was never America, or has ever been a physical nation.  The salt is the gospel and it’s effect on the human heart – it preserves the influence of the Kingdom of God on a people.  The gospel is the hope for every generation – no matter what country you live in, or who becomes president.

This is not to discount the importance of voting, and the incredible influence of democracy in history.  Deborah and I are truly in shock over this latest presidential race like many of our friends.  However we are equally distraught over many of our Christian friends blatant disregard for morality, ethics and the the Kingdom culture that Christ died to produce in the human heart.  In attempting to secure future “christian’ decisions, you’re sacrificing your witness to those we are privileged to reach, at home and abroad.  It’s a blind, short-sighted nationalistic view – turn off your TVs, be humbled by the reflected moral image of your mission field and get back to loving those around you in Jesus name.

Pledge allegiance to the King, and get back to His work.  No matter who becomes President, the answer to the hopelessness is a salty, powerful, preserving Gospel