This Sunday evening (28th) at 6:30pm we are hosting a special evening for our community.  All believers will be gathering to listen to some inspiring music, watching some Christ centered skits.  This kind of event is not common here and can produce opposition.  We are extremely thankful for the relationships forged in our community which have vouched for us to rent public facilities.

The even will be smack in the middle of our town, in the new cultural building which seats up to 300 people.  We have been inviting all believers and churches in the area.  Hoping for at least 100 to join.  We have participation taking place from 5 different churches. It’s my prayer that believers are refreshed, strengthened and inspired to continue growing in their faith, and advancing the Kingdom of God in Ukraine.

We’ll also have a team from the US, led by Deb’s dad Neil.  They will be sharing as well as performing some skits and sharing testimonies.  It will be an internationally flavored event in our small town!  Sponsored by the Cafe, our first publicly sponsored event – providing coffee, tea and desserts.

Please pray for this event, for all involved, those serving from various churches, for continued favor among the town officials.  Most of all, pray the Holy Spirit moves on our hearts and reminds us that we are not alone – Jesus is alive in Ukraine!

All Church Flyer