Help us fill the cafe with people that need the love of God! Donate towards a table or chair.

We believe the Lighthouse Cafe is a place that will touch many lives for Jesus Christ.  By providing our town and 2,000 students a clean, comfortable place to hang out, drink coffee and eat some pizza, the church will build effective bridges into the hearts of  countless souls that are lonely, without hope and direction in life.

We want to open it but have run out of money!  Will you consider helping us by donating towards the 40 chairs and 10 tables we need?

Our goal is $4,000. With your help, we will be buying some wooden benches, chairs and tables locally trying to get materials that will last (not an easy thing here!). The chairs will be approximately $30-50 each, and the tables $200-250. Thank you for considering investing with us as we try to make a lasting impact in our community.

Use the widget below, your gift will tax deduct-able!

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If you haven’t seen the Cafe lately, here is a quick tour! No audio sorry.