Had an encouraging meeting with the director in Khargalyk. While they’re not going to turn our gas on, they did agree to start expediting the documents for the business which had to be done anyway. They had originally told us it would take 6 months to re-survey/install the business gas, we’re now looking at about a month or so. The hope is that around the end of January we’ll have some updates on the final building and gas docs and be closer to opening the doors. In the meantime tomorrow the ladies will host an event at the Cafe with electric heat, but directly after we’ll be emptying the water lines and heated flooring and closing it up for the next month at least. The electric prices are just too expensive to try and keep it functional without gas.

Speaking to a group of students tonight from a local technicum at a Christmas dinner @ the Gollans. Going to share on Luke 2:10, the angels said that Jesus birth was ‘good news and great joy for all peoples’ and what that means for us today. I love how Christmas gives us such a natural platform within the Orthodox context to share about the reality of God’s mission to save us.

Bruce & Deb Crowe
Missionaries | Rzhyschiv, Ukraine