Today I decided to head to Kiev in hopes of hogtying the head government person responsible for our recent 5 week hold up (needing one stamp!!).  This was a bit of a gamble because they could just hand our documents back and we’d be forever without a gas option.

At the last minute we called the Regional gas director to tell him our plans.  They are the ones responsible for our 8 months of waiting, and continued ‘mistakes’ requiring all this extra paperwork and stamps.  Knowing I was going to the Kiev boss, they offered to go with me tomorrow to Kiev and try to get the necessary documents.  I don’t know if this is just a way for them to keep out of trouble, or if they are genuinely wanting to help us finish this process – but tomorrow we should have two chiefs in one room – all the power to get this crazy thing done!

So tomorrow (Friday) we should have some more information, and I really hope it is good.  We’re meeting this afternoon with the local electrician who is a great guy, and he’s looking at possible ways for us to get more power to the Cafe, and most efficiently use what we do have.  The problem is that our building, like most in our small town, doesn’t have enough power to run more than 3-4 appliances at once.  This makes it very difficult to consider anything besides gas for heat and the pizza oven.  Right now we’re looking at trying to add 2 AC units as it does get pretty hot 3 months out of the year, and with a pizza oven going it could get unbearable.